Episode 4 of the F.I.L.M. (Fam, I Like Movies) series, Rey & Tanky once again reach into the big bag of special guests and are joined by the great and powerful Wizard of Baz, The Commander himself, well known JDP associate Chris Bazaldu. These 3 fellas jump in with joy on the epic return of the original 4 of the franchise, the litmus test to the more action heist tone later in the series, 2009's Fast & Furious. Justin Lin's 2nd outing in the director's chair results in one of the most underrated and sometimes overlooked (via that HUGE shadow cast over it by the incredible Fast Five). Whilst going thru their award categories, Baz brings pun-tastic thoughts as a fellow Fast super fan, as the three discuss the moments and takeaways from the more street racing heavy elements of the first three movies to it's future in deeper darker action heist territory. Strap in as we watch Dom, Brian, & Mia reform the Fast family to do some avenging in the name of Leticia Ortiz!

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