Episode 5 of the F.I.L.M. (Fam, I Like Movies) "The Fat and the Furrious" series, Rey & Tank hop off the cliff in a Ford GT40 Bri & Dom style in talking about what most Fast fans consider the apex of the F&F franchise, 2011's "Fast Five". And coming in all shiny and sweaty is the edit master himself, the Ad-Rock to our podcasting family, JDP's very own Adam Davis. This is the supercharged upgrade the series needed, where it shifts from the car culture street racing fueled franchise to a true global heist action film franchise. We talk about the great Ocean's Eleven-esque gathering of the Fast Team, the testosterone & baby oil-filled introduction of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Agent Hobbs, and as always Rey's never-ending bromance with Leo & Santos. So listeners, make sure you got your funderwear on as we go heistin in Rio!

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