Brought to you by the heftiest member of The Junk Drawer Podcast & the mastermind of I Like Liking Things: An Exercise In Positivity, we present F.I.L.M. (Fam, I Like Movies), a limited series style podcast. F.I.L.M. is a side project of Tank & Rey Rodriguez in which they use the wisdom of ILLT in talking about all the things they like about movies and the fun goofy discussion of two buddies in the vein of a JDP episode. In each limited series in the podcast we will run thru all the movies in a particular saga or franchise. We plan on keeping this side podcast/project/spin off bi weekly, on the off weeks of a JDP episode.

In the first of F.I.L.M.'s limited series, Tank and Rey discuss the inaugural chapter of The Fast Saga, handing out awards for the following categories, all the while praising Ja Rule along the way!

Award Catergories:

The Paul Walker MVP Memorial Award (award for the all around MVP of the movie)

The Physics Shmysics Award (award for the most awesome, but maybe impossible individual stunt)

The Letty "Seeeeee Yaaaaaa" Award (award for best female character)

Han's Snackin' Award (award for best cameo/scene stealer)

Roman's "We Hongry" Award (award for best line)

Daddy's Gotta Go To Work Award (award for the best action/car racing scene)

And much more!

 **graciously edited as always by Adam "Splice Cube" Davis



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